I thought I’d make a post so I could keep track of all my Mev puzzles in one place. I’ll update this as they come along.

(An “improved” interface means the direct links no longer take you straight to the puzzles – you have to select the date. :-/ )
Mev #1 (Indy #10772) (Select April 22nd 2021) pdf mirror – Blog on Fifteen Squared.
Mev #2 (Indy #10883) (Select August 30th 2021) – Blog on Fifteen Squared.
Mev #3 (Indy #11133) (Select June 18th 2022) – Blog on Fifteen Squared.
Mev #4 (Indy #11219) (Select Sept 27th 2022) – Blog on Fifteen Squared.

[Edit:] I might as well list my appearances in 1 Across magazine here as well, where I set as The Void. Links are to the blog entries – which may or may not have spoiler comments – not the puzzles themselves, as it’s a subscription magazine. Five puzzles a month to your door/inbox, of varying degrees of difficulty/frustration/deviousness. Give it a go: Free sample and subscription info here.
He’s certain to give all the advice – Feb 2020
Prime Directive – Jan 2021 – Prize puzzle
Crackerjack – Dec 2021
The Corner’s Dented – Apr 2022 – Prize puzzle
Scratch – Aug 2022

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