Blankety Blank

No, you can’t win a chequebook and pen, but please fill in the blanks anyway.
Collage of 4 images: 5 men practising sword-fighting; A woodcut of an albatross flying over a sea, with a man in the foreground, and a rocky island and a sail boat in the background; A crevasse in the snow on the side of a mountain; 1930s photo of a man holding a long double-bladed paddle, standing by his long kayak on the shore. BlanketyBlank-collage_md

Solution and explanations are in the following post. Scroll down for a browser-solvable version. (There are no “reveal” buttons, but you will get a confirmation message if you have fully filled in the grid correctly.) Or download and print off the standard or inksaver png versions. Let me know your favourite clue(s?!) in the comments here, or on Mastodon.

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