Round The Corner

How’s your Octimism? Mine’s flagging badly, but here’s hoping you like my crossword for this month, Round The Corner. The usual format – download a standard or inksaver printout, or scroll down for an embedded browser-solveable version. (Does anyone else always type “broswer”, and then have to correct it? No? Just me? Okay then, as you were.)

A few less-common words in here, but I don’t think there’s anything too far out, and I hope they’re all fairly clued for you. The grid is slightly riven, and I did think about adding two more 3-letter words to link it together at the top and bottom, but my editor* said he thought I didn’t need to bother, so blame him if you don’t like it.

Follow-up post with solution and explainers to come in a few days.

*Hi, how’s your day going? 😉

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