Solution To Sixy

Here comes all the gen on Sixy. The answers can be seen in this image. The clues are explained in the following video, and the theme after that.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Scaramanga Six, please take this opportunity to correct your mistake. Their entire back catalogue is available for free on Bandcamp. My personal favourite album is Cursed. While they have popped up as a hidden answer in one of my grids before, I decided to try to theme a grid around their song titles. (PIANO and BRASS are bonuses that you might hear in one of them, and I wouldn’t bet against PSYCHO or HEARSE being in the lyrics somewhere.) So we have PINCERS, BAGGAGE, It’s Just A MATTER OF TIME, HORRIBLE Face, The CARDINAL, Blunt FORCE[D] Trauma, They Put You On A PEDESTAL, We Rode The STORM, and DAMNED If You Dont, DAMNED If You Do. They’re also on Twitter and Youtube (via Paul).

Perhaps my favourite of their songs is the mellow, reflective Be Nothing*. Then again Sunken Eyes is quite an extraordinary piece of writing.

*also available with added kendama.
Sixy 067 Base! How low can you Spike?_sm
Lead singer Paul has a new solo album out right now, and The Scaramanga Six will return this year with “Worthless Music”. Watch this space. #SupportArtists

A note on Bandcamp from Paul:

These days you have a choice in how you digest music. You could choose to subscribe to a streaming service or you could go down the traditional route of buying a copy – be it digital or physical. Let me make this clear. If you choose the former, you are not supporting the music you love. If you go for the latter, you are putting money directly into the pocket of the artist or organisation releasing the material. This in turn goes to pay for all the other people who worked to create this music – the studio, the musicians, the designers, the videomakers etc. Think of this place as the ultimate rock farmshop and buy local.

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