Solution to Toot

There’s a place for us, sang someone. Is it one with answers? Perhaps… The solution is in this link. The following video explains just the clues, then the theme is noted after that.

This grid is a pangram. It also looks suspiciously nina-friendly, but it’s not the top and bottom rows, but rather #s 7&9 that you’re looking for here. I’m done with Twitter now (pending some extremely unlikely turnaround in the situation) and I’m trying to be as billionaire-free in my web use as possible. Sure, I won’t be perfect, but “you can’t be a part-time person of conscience”.

C’mon, join the fediverse, and step away from the algorithms and pernicious influences. If you’ve been a bit put off joining Mastodon by “having to choose a server”, don’t be worried – after all, you chose a server(/instance/host/provider) to sign up to for your email once, right? And maybe you asked a friend which one they were using. It’s the same thing here. Want a recommendation? Okay…
Android users: sign up on, then download Tusky app and log in.
iOS users: download Mammoth app and sign up using their own instance
Web users: just sign up at one of those sites. You can use Mastodon either in a browser or an app, or both.
You can move to a different instance later, while keeping your follows and followers, if you feel the urge/get a better offer! 🙂

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