Solution To Et In Arcadia Ego

Did you leave your initials? Here is the solution image to Et In Arcadia Ego. Clues are explained in the following video, with a bit more info after that.

The grid is a pangram.
Et In Arcadia Ego is the title of both a 1638 painting by Poussin, and an 1896 Aubrey Beardsely illustration. But in the title of this puzzle, it’s just an oblique reference to amusement arcades, where for a little while long ago I would fritter my time away putting two shillings in the slot. Hidden in the puzzle are some of the machines that profitted most from me: Gorf, Pac-Man, Mr. Do!, and Frogger.

Screenshots from the arcade games Gorf, Pac-man, Mr. Do!, and Frogger

If it ever comes back on iPlayer, check out Janina Ramirez’s show In Search Of Arcadia, about the English landscape movement and the ancient idea of Arcadia.
…joy ….(Stick with it) = joystick, y’see? Oh, never mind. ;-P

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