Solution to Tat

It’s definitely not tat! Here is the solution image for Tat. The clues are explained in the following video, which is followed by a bit about the theme.

“Tat” here was not an insult, but an acronym for THE ANSWER TRAP, a Channel 4 quiz show first shown in May & June of 2021. (Which is when I wrote this puzzle. Starting from the top left, you’ll find it in a “Nina”, going clockwise around the perimeter, along with… ) Hosted by ANITA Rani, resident experts FRANK Paul and BOBBY Seagull would try to entice the contestants into selecting their cunningly hidden traps amid a selection of correct answers. I thought series 1 was a lot of fun, and here’s hoping it gets picked up for a second series. Check it out if you have access to All4.

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