Amusement – cryptic crossword

Here’s some Amusement for you, and the chance to win a prize. I’ll make a £5 donation to the favourite (non-religious) charity of one random person who sends me the correct solution and theme by email or Twitter DM (ask me for a follow if you need one) before 23:59GMT March 7th. (If you prefer, and you’re in the UK, I’ll post you a brand new kendama instead.)

The theme is both obscure and yet quite gettable. You must clearly state what the theme is – I don’t need too much detail, I just need to enough to know that you know what it is.

Result, solution and explainers will go up on March 8th.

Here we go then, in standard or inksaver printable files, or scroll down for an version that’s solvable in-browser.

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