They Can Be Found… Solution

The solution to my They Can Be Found puzzle can be seen in this image, or you can watch a video explaining all the answers:

This was my first pangram (grid contains all of the letters of the alphabet at least once), and my first with a full-circumference Nina (crosswording talk for “a message hidden in the grid”). There was a triple-unch (3 uncrossed squares in a row) in the middle of the grid, which was abominable of me, but I’m afraid I couldn’t avoid it. There were also 8 clues which were <50% crossed (1/3 or 2/5), but then again, they were all crossed by the perimeter, which, in this case, made up for it. Hope you liked the theme. I recommend it. EDIT: And if you do, you may also enjoy this puzzle by Chameleon.

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