Solution to White

I have highlighted the themed words in white in this solution image. 😉 More on that after the clue-explainer video:

(This video contains an older version of 10D, which has a slight mistake. Same parsing though.)

A series of WINTER FIXTURES represented by FIVE RINGS are HAPPENING right now, during the CHINESE NEW YEAR period. Some no-doubt NERVOUS competitors will be vying for the HONOUR of GOLD, as their supporters CHEER them on as they do their LOOPS IN THE (big) AIR, or endeavour to be SPEEDIER than their opponents on the SLIPPERY courses of the SNOWBOARD CROSS or the SKELETON, etc. This armchair viewer admires their STAMINA, as he remembers his days floating on the white powder.

A few of those theme words might be slightly shoehorned in, but my original grid started to feel like it just had a lot of obvious words from a list in it, so I decided to make the theme a little more general. I noticed quite late on that the grid’s left & right halves were only connected by two clues, so that wasn’t ideal, sorry. Hope you enjoyed it (anyway?)!

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