Solution to FF

Hi all, here comes all the gen on my FF puzzle. The solution can be seen in this image. A few words about the grid follow this video explaining how the clues work:

#FF stands for Friday Follow. (I know I released the puzzle on a Saturday, and the solution on a Wednesday, but hey, blame the calendar, not me.) While there isn’t really a theme as such to this puzzle, it does contain the handles of four Twitter accounts/podcasters who amuse me in different ways. To wit…

In the first row, there’s @AncientBlogger, who tweets about his blog and podcasts on matters ancient. Sometimes with guest hosts, and usually drilling down into some particular aspect in detail. Did you know about the great Roman Citrus Controversy? No, me neither.

In row 5 we find the truly sane politician @CountBinface. (The new incarnation of the copyright-challenged former Lord Buckethead – the current version of whom you should all unfollow in CB’s favour.) As I write, I’m still in time to urge my London pals to use your first choice in tomorrow’s London mayoral elections to #VoteBinface, using your second choice to vote for your preferred otherly-sane candidate. It’s all about the croissants, baby. With respect to his manifesto stance on The Uxbridge Issue (I preferred The General Eliott myself), as a former resident, I think it’s possibly even more important that you all know it’s an anagram of Big Durex.

In row 9, we find @AProblemSquared, who have a podcast where they solve their listener’s submitted problems, using logic, comedy and/or a probable overindulgence of maths. In fact, in their latest episode (which features an excellent special guest), they even address the merits & demerits of various voting systems, concentrating on the particular election mentioned above.

And in row 11, we find @BeesAndBombs, the creator of mesmeric geometric animated GIFs. And a crossword solver to boot.

I may have another puzzle out later this month, but otherwise, see you in June!

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