Solution To New World

If you want to explore the solution to New World, it’s in this image. The clues are explained in the following video, and a few words about the mini-theme are after that.

I said the wrong name in my explanation of 14d. I should have cited Audrey, Charlotte, John, or Simon. *ahem* 😱

Listeners to Off-Grid episode 19 will have had a slight head start to this crossword. I wrote it in March 2022, after I’d finished reading the excellent The Invention Of Nature by Andrea Wulf, which I talked about in the podcast. I was pleased to spot that TION made for a nice word-ending, and started building the grid with that, and AvH in mind. There weren’t really any other themed answers, apart from LIBERATE and GERMANY (more or less), but the grid is a pangram. Anyway… recommended!

The Invention Of Nature - Alexander Von Humboldt's New World by Andrea Wulf

“The Invention Of Nature – Alexander Von Humboldt’s New World” by Andrea Wulf is first class.

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