PRIZE PUZZLE: You Are You, Aren’t You?

This month’s puzzle is a prize puzzle. One randomly selected winner from the correct entries can nominate their favourite non-religious charity, and I will donate £5 (or £10 if there are more than 4 correct entries) to it.

How to enter:
1. Solve the grid, as you would any other cryptic crossword.
2. All of the words in a work, and the name of its creator, are contained in the puzzle’s title, clues and solutions. Discover the title of the work.
3. No spoilers! I may choose to drop a hint or two if it starts to look like you’re all finding it too tough.
4. Send me your entry either via the GoCrossword page‘s Submission button (you’ll need to be logged in there), or via a Twitter DM with a screenshot of your completed grid, and your answer to question 2.
5. Only one entry allowed per person.

Please note: If you are used to seeing GoCrossword’s “spinning grid” graphic on completion – that is not enabled for this puzzle. You will not receive any notification on whether your grid is filled correctly or incorrectly.

You have until 12:30GMT, on Dec 22nd 2021 to enter.
Solution and result will be announced by Dec 23rd at the latest.

Download standard or inksaver printable pngs (right-click, Save File). Embedded player:


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