Solution To Combatant

The solution image is here. Clues are explained in the following video, and the theme after that.

(Yes, yes, yes, I messed up on 13a in the video, and that’s why I didn’t get a grid spin. Never mind, eh? *sigh* ) This puzzle is from August 2020, and the clueing for 10d is slightly loose, which I wouldn”t do now, and there are a couple of “Yoda parsings” in here, which I’m trying much harder to avoid these days.

In his youth, the Algerian-born Albert Camus was a football player, as a GOALKEEPER. During World War II, he was the editor for the resistance newspaper Combat. (I’m fairly sure I remember him writing something about the NUREMBURG TRIALs, but I can’t find that now.) He later won the NOBEL PRIZE for literature, for his works featuring themes of PHILOSOPHY. These works included NUPTIALS, CALIGULA, The PLAGUE, The REBEL, The OUTSIDER and…. The FALL.

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