An instructional DVD/App for hoopers
by Peachysteve

Watch the trailer and extract below....

Hooping is a DVD that will take you from the very basics to a high level of hooping with clear, easy to follow instructions.

For over 15 years Peachysteve has been teaching people juggling, object swinging and manipulation, and in that time has developed techniques to help people easily understand how to go about learning new skills. 'Hooping' will have you spinning your hoop in minutes, and addicted in just a few more!

"When I learn from you, I learn fast, I learn good and
I learn right!" - Rosa, Pupil

1 Hour 20 Minutes. 53 moves in 6 chapters. Multiregion, PAL, 4:3. English & Español.

Order direct from Steve. -- Wholesale enquiries also welcome.

Now also an App,
"Learn to Hoop"
on Android/iOS!

"I'm a beginner and have not seen a better video tutorial than this. *****" - iTunes user Mednyc

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*Please make sure your device can playback 720x540 mp4 vids

iOS shots:

app advert

More iTunes reviews:
"The instructions are excellent and very clear. *****" - Hoop dee

"I love this app! ..., this app is a must have. *****" - WeJuggle2

"Brilliant supertastic instructional hooping app. *****" - Hoopgirlinthehills

"clear instructions in simple steps ... refreshing to watch after so many standard hooping videos. *****" - Yesoyesoyeso

"Great guide on how to hoop and also what hoop to use. *****" - Northshouse

"the best selling point for me was no wifi required to watch the videos. So I can take my iPad and my hoop to the park and I'm all set. *****" - lost.and.dreaming

"I picked up new skills with my first practice session..I also tried moves I would not have tried without the encouragement of This App.. *****" - Luckyrn

"It's great - very clear instructions, makes it fun, recommended! *****" - Sunnyday 1234

Custom hoops for sale direct from Peachysteve