Solution to Blankety Blank

He made me do it, I didn’t wanna do it. – he said into a long thin stick of a microphone. Answers ahoy… The solution is in this link. The following video explains just the clues, then the theme is noted after that.

“What should I theme my next crossword on?”, I asked Charlie, just over a year ago. “Voids?” came the reply. So I started on a grid, but wasn’t feeling very inspired by it. So I gave up and started on another, having had the tag line from ALIEN come into my head, and noting that it was 28 letters long, so potential Nina material. The grid didn’t seem to want to come together very smoothly, so I left it. Then I realised that the quote had “SPACE” in it – hang on, that’s a void! And then suddenly the voids all came rushing back to fill… a new grid. I’ve just realised I could perhaps claim [omnipo]TENT as one too? Nah, maybe not.

Don’t come at me with no capital V.

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