Solution to No Side Effects

Hope you think I was talking loud and clear in this one. The solution is in this image. The following video has the parses of the clues, then there’s a bit about the theme.

The seed for this one was me seeing LADY LESHURR written somewhere, and HURDLER jumping out at me. Then I thought “Oh my gosh, it’s an anagram of HURDLER SALLY!”, but sadly there was one L too few. I probably could have fiddled with it a bit to get that to work, but it didn’t want to play, so I went with the shorter version. And anyway, that led on to… let’s put some other rappers in there too. So, BETTY BOO, ICE-T, CHUCK D and PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL all make an appearance, along with CAT, who’ll only tell you why I picked this title in the 12″/LP version of the first track embedded below.

If it’s still up on iPlayer when you’re reading this, do check out Chuck D (executive producer)’s excellent documentary Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World. Meanwhile…

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