Cryptic Crossword December 2019, plus an Emergency

I’m finally going to have one of my crosswords in print. As I write, the new magazine County Cricket Matters is “out next week”, containing a cricket-themed puzzle from me. (It should be solvable for non-cricket fans too… at least that’s my intention.) The mag costs peanuts, so why not grab your copy right now, from here.

Before I get to this month’s crossword, earlier in the month I had an idea for an emergency crossword, but wasn’t sure if I’d find the time to get it done. At the Bristol Crossword Club, though, Will said he was up for doing some clueing and brainstorming with me, so after a couple of weeks, it made it out into the world. At the time of writing, there’s still time to solve the emergency. You can find this one on GoCrossword. (Requires iOS11+, or a new-ish browser. Solve online, or [File>Print] from the site menu.)

Meanwhile, I’d planned this month’s crossword to coincide with a TV show. I don’t normally do more than the odd cross-reference in my puzzles, but this one has a few. The referenced answers are intended not to be too tough to solve, to help with that. Let me know how you got on.

Answers will be up in a week.

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Embedded playable puzzle:

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