All posts for the month February, 2020

I’ve recently been checking out the livestreamed solving stream CrypticSundays. It’s fun to participate in a group solve, and this week they did my October puzzle. I never know how hard my clues are, so it was really interesting to observe the solving process. From the mix of fast and slow cracking, I guess maybe I’m somewhere in the right ballpark. Well, anyway, it seemed to go down well. You can re-watch it (from 1h01m) at .

Meanwhile, I’m afraid I don’t have an online puzzle for February for you. I’ve got behind with my clueing, and had other stuff to be dealing with.

However, I’m pleased to say that I do have a February puzzle out! It’s just that it’s in Feb’s issue of 1Across magazine, which is for subscribers only. Happy to be making my debut in a crossword magazine. Hopefully the subscribers will find something to like in it.