All posts for the month June, 2020

The solution to my They Can Be Found puzzle can be seen in this image, or you can watch a video explaining all the answers:

This was my first pangram (grid contains all of the letters of the alphabet at least once), and my first with a full-circumference Nina (crosswording talk for “a message hidden in the grid”). There was a triple-unch (3 uncrossed squares in a row) in the middle of the grid, which was abominable of me, but I’m afraid I couldn’t avoid it. There were also 8 clues which were <50% crossed (1/3 or 2/5), but then again, they were all crossed by the perimeter, which, in this case, made up for it. Hope you liked the theme. I recommend it.

The solution to my June puzzle can be viewed here, or if you’d like the clues explained, I also made a video:

If you found the video explainer helpful, please let me know. I won’t take the time to make more if people aren’t interested in that.

The puzzle had a theme which I’m sure you’ve spotted by now. I would’ve like to have got more themed entries in the grid, but couldn’t fit them in, alas. But there have also been puzzles with the same theme by Tramp, Skirwingle and Angel, so if you want more of a hoopy hit, check them out.

I enjoyed the sneaky Charlie Parker reference. Hope you liked the puzzle. As ever, tweet me, if you like. See you next month.

For various reasons, I’ve not been setting much lately. I’m getting back on the horse slowly, though, so this month’s puzzle is a partial repeat. It’s the one I had in Rookie Corner in November, so if you checked it out then, don’t bother looking again. I’ve tweaked a few of the clues based on the feedback I got there, and the (mini-)theme is something that I think quite a few of you will appreciate.

There’ll be a completely new puzzle for July. I may try something different with the solution for this one next week, too…

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Scroll down for in-browser solvable version.

Embedded playable puzzle: If relevant, use the cogwheel/settings menu to turn off the clock, and untick “skip over filled letters”, and the main menu to Save.