Solution to No April Fool

Here comes all the gen on No April Fool. The solution can be seen in this image, and the clues are explained in the following video, after which, a bit of theme expo:

The puzzle was released on April 1st, to coincide with 10,31‘s birthday. The five paired clues all gave relevant phrases: ANNIE NIGHTINGALE has been at RADIO ONE for FIFTY YEARS, previously with a REQUEST SHOW, now with a late night show playing the latest DANCE MUSIC bangers and more. A bunch of artists in the clues have all been played by Annie on her show: [Bob] Dylan, Yello, Lemmy (via Motorhead), [The] Who, Japan, Midge Ure, [Brian] Eno (via Roxy Music), Prince, Siouxsie [& The Banshees], Lou [Reed], [Frank] Zappa, XTC, Killing Joke, and Queen. Also The GIFT by Velvet Underground. I’m not sure about [Jethro] Tull, [Yoko] Ono, Cardiacs, Rio (by Duran Duran), [Vera] Lynn (!), Count [Basie !], or The French.)

Fans of Annie might like to check out this post too. And of course, her new book, HEY Hi Hello, out now from White Rabbit books. (Buying links there, via various places, but try Hive or Bookstore to support your local bookshop with your purchase!)
Annie Nightingale - Hey Hi Hello

I should have another puzzle out in about 2 weeks from today. See you then!

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