Solution to Kanga

Was it all in your head? Here are the answers to Kanga. The clues are explained in the following video, and then I’ll talk about the theme after that.

“Bang! There goes another Kanga on the bonnet of the van” begins the title track of [cheaps]KATE BUSH’s fourth album, [clo]THE DREAMING, released on this day 40 years ago. Other tracks on the album include HOUDINI, NIGHT Of The SWALLOW, SUSPENDED In GAFFA, and {There Goes} A TENNER. Another track, Get Out Of My House, was inspired by {The Shining}. The surface of 13a alludes to the story-line of There Goes A Tenner.
(Babooshka – not {Babushka} – was on her previous album, Never For Ever.)
Katebushthedreaming.pngFair use, Wiki

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