Solution to Cursed

I hope you weren’t a spent force after tackling this one. The solution is in this link. The following video explains just the clues, then the theme is noted after that.

This is the oldest puzzle on my pile – it was written three years ago. It’s high time it saw the light of day, so I’ve dusted it off, given it a tweak or two and set it free. You’ll have seen the inspiration in the solution image, and since a friend told me he’d “only heard of them ‘cos you keep banging on about them”, that seemed the perfect reason to do so again. I mean, they first showed up way back in here, inspired this and this, and got a namecheck in here. They even killed me when they had the chance, but that’s another story. “Cursed” is possibly my favourite of their LPs (dudes, are you working on the next one?), so here’s a single from it, and a few other videos. Obligatory bandcamp link to a name-your-price intro compilation.

and, in a slightly different vein…

Down To Brizzness – Jon Udry <-- Video page on JTV

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