Solution to Tribe’s Oracle

The solution to Tribe’s Oracle, can be seen in this image, or with full clue explanations in the following video, and with the theme explained after that.

(There was a typo in 3a – sorry. Now fixed in all the online versions, but still there in the video. Ooops.)

The theme appears in one of the clues. First coming to public prominence on 16 1a with her expertise in 18, the 14d is the current 14a of 20_UK, and has written several books, including 1d and The 7. The relevance of 29 6 and 21 was explained in her Dr Bob’s Skulls series of videos.

Given the subjects of the programmes she has presented, and her books, I thought that 11, 13, 24a, 2, 5, 9, & 23 (and perhaps at a push 15 & 10) were all tangentially themed too.

Bonus clue to the theme:
or alternatives…
…but Skirwingle came up with the best one:

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Meanwhile, here’s me showing off (well, I did publish the puzzle on my 3rd 6thDanniversary, after all), to a reading from one of the 14d’s books…

The Incredible Unlikeliness Of Birding <-- Video page on JTV

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