June 2020 Cryptic Solution

The solution to my June puzzle can be viewed here, or if you’d like the clues explained, I also made a video:

If you found the video explainer helpful, please let me know. I won’t take the time to make more if people aren’t interested in that.

The puzzle had a theme which I’m sure you’ve spotted by now. I would’ve like to have got more themed entries in the grid, but couldn’t fit them in, alas. But there have also been puzzles with the same theme by Tramp, Skirwingle and Angel, so if you want more of a hoopy hit, check them out. (Edit: also Italicus’ Indy one from 10th July 2022 (select that date in the interface.)

I enjoyed the sneaky Charlie Parker reference. Hope you liked the puzzle. As ever, tweet me, if you like. See you next month.