Solution to Just For Clicks

“It’s in the trees! It’s coming!”

The answers to Just For Clicks are in this image. Two explainer videos follow: clues first, then theme.

I said the theme was “more-gettable” for some of you. No doubt some of my juggly/crossworder friends will have spotted it. The rest of you, I suppose not. I also said in Mental Playground’s stream, that it was “tricky, in two ways” – obscurity for the general solver, and literally about tricks. Here’s one of these things again…
A Royal Plush Kendama
…and in 75 seconds of action, to clarify [full screeen!]:

Thanks for solving, etc. Back next month with a puzzle whose theme will be both much more gettable for everyone, whilst simultaneously being possibly my least-gettable one yet. (No, it’s not about Schrödinger’s cat.)

Ciao for now!

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