Solution to Not The AA Then?

Who’s going to provide your solutions? 😜 The solution is in this image. Clue explainers are in the following video, and then some notes on the theme are after that.

This puzzle is a pangram. There was a recent re-organisation of the schedule at BBC SIX MUSIC, which resulted in the creation of a new show, pairing up MARC RILEY AND GIDEON COE. A new show needs new features, so we now have MISSION POSSIBLE, GATE CRASHER[s] and QUOTATION MARC. One listener complained that Gideon’s clues in the latter were a bit too cryptic… so I thought a whole puzzle full of them was in order, just to prove him wrong. 🙂 The title? If you don’t get your cover from the A.A., then maybe you get it from the R.A.C.? (cf 8/21)
Now for some wiki and YouTube links for all the musical references in the puzzle (some of which you will, of course, have already encountered via Off-Grid, right? 😉 ) : Blakey, Fish, Japan, America, The Void, Black Grape, Curve, XTC, Brickell, Ms Nastasia, Chase.

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