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The solution to my May puzzle is in this image.

I wonder how the cricket non-fans got on. I hope 15/17 raised a smile – it was my favourite. 2/8 was perhaps a teeny bit unfair, but when I compiled the puzzle, I was under the impression that that was going to be the name of the magazine it was written for, so it felt okay at the time. Knowing Gale’s nickname, or who big Dwayne was would have been helpful, but hopefully those titbits didn’t stand in anyone’s way. Conversely, no knowledge of Capel, Salt or Trott was required. 10 was a bit of an obscure word, new to me, and 4a was pretty much an old Frank Carson gag “This one works, this one works,….”

Well, I declare!

This month’s puzzle was published in a magazine, but I expect most of you missed it, so here it is. I mentioned to Chameleon that I was theming a puzzle, and he reasonable asked “will it be solvable by people unfamiliar with the theme?”. I re-read the clues, and decided that 4 or 5 clues would be easier if you had a passing knowledge of the subject, but they should be gettable from the “other half” of the clue, or via crossing letters, or reasonable assumptions. So, for those that don’t like cricket, Don’t Panic, and give it a go! Let me know how you got on! 🙂

Solution up next week.

As ever, scroll down for a browser-solvable embedded version.
Embedded playable puzzle: If relevant, use the cogwheel/settings menu to turn off the clock, and untick “skip over filled letters”, and the main menu to Save.