Solution to Boggy

Hope you weren’t too bogged down. Here’s the solution in this image. Clue explanations, as usual in the video, which is followed by some notes on the theme.

I’ve read a fair few of Ngaio Marsh’s crime novels featuring Inspector Roderick “Handsome” Alleyn and Agatha Troy, but not all of those which feature in the grid: DEATH And The DANCING FOOTMAN, SPINSTERS in JEOPARDY, COLOUR SCHEME, SURFEIT Of LAMPREYS and FALSE SCENT. There are plenty more for me to look forward to whenever I’m next in the mood for some golden age crime writing.
Cover of Death And The Dancing FootmanCover of Spinsters In JeopardyCover of Colour SchemeCover of Surfeit Of LampreysCover of False ScentCover of Death At The BarCover of Death In A White TieNgaio Marsh: Canterbury Players at Conservatorium Lynch 1949.01.14Cricketer Laura_Marsh, 2019_Ashes_Test

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