My friend Stuart organised the second BJC in Bath, in 1989. He recently dug out some old clippings, and asked me to put them online, for any archive-minded juggling historians to peruse. (The BJC history wiki is a good place to start.)

So, here you go Stuart, and everyone!
(Right-click and download the files):
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Newspaper article 2 (before the convention) JPGs: Small 900KB Medium 2MB Large 15MB
Newspaper article 3 (after the convention) JPGs: Small 190KB Medium 4MB Large 10MB
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“I’m looking for a videographer based in Bristol for a project” posted Jon. I replied “Hello”, waving, and we met up at the juggling club. He told me of a few ideas he had, one of which was to make a juggling video in/around Bristol. So the next time there was a day with tolerable weather, out we trolled, juggled, filmed, and ended up with this:

Down To Brizzness – Jon Udry

But another one of Jon’s ideas was for a Kickstarter project. It sounded like a fun and interesting idea, so we met for a coffee to kick the ideas around and see if it was a goer.

Turns out it was, which meant we had to start planning all the details, and the launch video. Then we had an idea for the video which, although a fair bit more work, seemed to fit in with the project itself. And once we’d thought of it, we couldn’t unthink it. So late November and the first half of December turned into several filming mini-expeditions.

After a bunch of idea-kicking and detail-tweaking, we came up with the first draft of the KS project, and sent it off to a select few friends for feedback. We got some good pointers, and I’ve just come back from coffee chez Jon’s where we nailed down all the last minute changes, which we’ll be sorting out over the weekend.

We launch on Monday! Wish us luck, and keep your eyes peeled for the link…