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"And isn't it strange after all these years - You still think of her!"

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Planet Miron - The Trudy Love Boutique!: a purple paean to the greatest thing to come out of Zybrogen City since sliced bendixite. Click around to explore the site, and please get in touch if you have anything Trudy-related to share with the ether.

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03.10.20 - Yes, 5 years, what of it? Okay, big update...
- Support The Trudy on (in preferred order:) Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify
- The second-and-a-halfth album by The Trudy, Always Never Beautiful Forever is out, and is wonderful. Things To Do makes me melt.
- Fans of the Trudy might appreciate this cryptic crosword.
- Updates to Discog and Band pages - finally included Eugene.
- The Trudy's website has had a refresh.
- Melissa has a lovely new single out via iTunes, Kissing In Wetherspoons. She also has a Soundcloud.
- Sorry, you probably noticed, but I don't really have time to keep updating this site. See you in another five years? ;-)
16.10.15 - The Trudy are on Twitter! Link and latest tweets from them are above, in the widget! Follow them. Also on Instagram!
20.07.12 - New The Trudy material alert! Pen the 6th of August into your diaries as the date to head over to The Genepool to pick up the brand new single by The Trudy, "Bucolics Anonymous".
13.02.12 - Important news via that facebook thing: "‘Dirt Cheap Melody’ b/w ‘La La Love Me’, the brand new single by The Trudy, is now available to download from iTunes, Amazon, Digital 7, Juno Download, Napster etc. Also available from The Genepool on limited edition CD-R with special bonus, previously unreleased track entitled ‘Alphabet Shapes’, which has recently escaped from The Trudy vault."
25.01.12 - The Trudy are appearing as special guests ("i.e. 5 songs") at a benefit gig for Tim Smith on Feb 3rd. See flyer for details.
20.01.12 - A new gorgeous single, "Dirt Cheap Melody", complete with one of those hip and groovy B-sides that the kids are so fond of these days, is out soon on Feb 13th. Go to the Downloads page to grab an exclusive hi-res image of the cover artwork! Stay tuned for news of how to get the single when it's out!

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