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1980 - Magnificent 7/The Trudy - Volcano Fo Le Ferret (LP)
Reference No. BIN 033
Binkie Records
Tracks; (Magnificent 7): Harold Turton, Mr. Brown, Find Another Friend,
Desperation Street, Just Like Tomorrow, Indian Train, T.I.M.

(The Trudy): The Trudy, Speedman, Hotel, Fat Janet's Fairground,
Bad Boys, Oh! To Mr. Lombard, Tunnel Vision, The Giant Crab,
Big Cars, Disco, Playgirls

1981 - The Snoopies Album (LP)
Reference No.RSB1
1000 Only Records
Features "The Trudy" by The Trudy, plus tracks by:
[Rich & Famous / Mag 7 / Tronics / People Upstairs / Plain Characters / The
Trudy / Thirteen At Midnight / Babybabybabybaby / Snatch 22 / Sister Sister /
Scissor Fits / M.L.R. / The Crew / Europeans / Cardiacs

1982 - Air Commodore - (Cassette)
Reference No. SEC 192
Tracks; Air Commodore, Mail Order, Visiting Hours, Playgirls (Re-mix), "plus excerpts from Volcano Fo Le Ferret"

1984 - The Invisible Man - (7" Vinyl)
Reference No. TDY 045
Torso Records
Tracks; The Invisible Man, Holiday Planet

1985 - Primitive Package, an EP with Three Other bands - (7" Vinyl)
Reference No. SRT5KS461/PRM046
Primitive Records
Tracks; Space City - The Trudy, House Right Down - Day-Wa-D
Cheet - Peru, No Change - The Wait

1985 - Le Shindig - (Cassette)
Reference No TDY 047
Tracks; Le Shindig, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, L'Homme Invisible, Le Planete De Vacance

1986 - Captain Scarlet - (7" Vinyl)
Reference No. TDY 049
Primitive Records
Tracks; Captain Scarlet, Lunar Love Affair

1986 (?) - The Voodoo Murders (?) - (LP) (?)
The label of Captain Scarlet describes this as 'forthcoming', but it never actually got released.

198? - One Of Our Satellites Is Missing - Richard Targett & The Monos - (Cassette)
Primitive Records
Tracks; One Of Our Satellites Is Missing, Land Of The Giants, World Without Love

1987 - Jamboree Bag - (LP)
Reference No. PRIME Cat no 19
Primitive Records
Compilation featuring Living On A Moon - The Trudy

1988(?) - House Of Dolls freebie #4 - (7" Vinyl E.P.)
Reference No. HOD 004
Free with House Of Dolls Magazine (Issue 4, presumably!)
Tracks; Unfaithful - The Wedding Present, Living On A Moon - The Trudy
Little Sister - The Hunters Club, Real Life - Claytown Troupe

1988 - Here it is! The Trudy's incredible Radio One Liz Kershaw Session, June 1988 - (Cassette)
Planet Miron
Tracks; Countdown to Love, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Holiday Planet, Fireball

1989 - Countdown to Love - (7" Vinyl)
Reference No. TDY 050
Planet Miron Records
Tracks; Countdown to Love, Living on a Moon

1989 - Living on a Moon - (7" Vinyl)
Reference No. TDY 051
Planet Miron Records
Format - 7" Vinyl in a Presentation Box with a Neil Armstrong model, postcard & booklet
Tracks; Living on a Moon, Countdown to Love

1989 - Mary Costello GLR Session July 89 - (Cassette)
Reference No. C TDY 052
Planet Miron
Tracks; Action Stations, Living On A Moon, The Girls From Planet 5, From Venus With Love, Teenage Firebomb.

1989 - Recorded At The Marquee 25th January 1989 - (Cassette)
Planet Miron (probably)
Tracks; Action Stations, Phantom Zone, Living On A Moon, The Girls From Planet 5, Photo-Me Booth, The Tribe That Lost Its Head, Kiss Kiss Kiss, Invisible Man, Holiday Planet, Teenage Firebomb, Sonic Shock, Countdown To Love, From Venus With Love

1990 - Destination Love - (7"/12" Vinyl)
Reference No. TDY053/TDY053T
Planet Miron Records/Distributed by Pinnacle
Tracks; Destination Love, Action Stations (12" only), Teenage Firebomb

1991 - Tune In To The Trudy Love-Ray! (CD/LP)
Reference No. DICD3687
Planet Miron Records
Distributed by Indisc
Tracks; Love-Ray!, There's A Star Shining In My Heart For You (part one), Destination Love, Lost In Space, The Tribe That Lost Its Head, Countdown To Love, Phantom Zone, The Girls From Planet 5, From Venus With Love, So Obvious, There's A Star Shining In My Heart For You (part two)

1993 - Big Wheel by Luminous - (12")
Boot / Luminous lumt 55
Released under the name of "Luminous", not The Trudy
Tracks: Big Wheel

2006 - Oh! - (Digital Download - Tunetribe.com)
Tracks: Oh!, What She Wants, From Venus With Love (New version)

2006 - Lost Summer Of Love - (Digital Download - Tunetribe.com)
Tracks: Lost Summer Of Love

2007 - 3 Minutes 4U - (7" or digital download)
Popfiction PF17
Tracks: 3 Minutes 4U, Lost Summer Of Love

2009 - The Adventures! The Suspense!! (アドベンチャー!!サスペンス!!) - (Japanese import CD)
Vinyl Japan JASKCD226
Tracks: 01. The Invisible Man 02. Lunar Love affair 03. Living on a Moon 04. Countdown to Love 05. Destination Love 06. From Venus with Love 07. Oh! 08. Lost Summer of Love 09. 3 Minutes 4U
10. Air Commodore 11. Space City (Demo) 12. Holiday Planet 13. Captain Scarlet 14. The Man from MI5 15. Teenage Firebomb 16. Kiss Kiss Kiss (Demo) 17. What She Wants

Other known tracks; Photo-Me Booth, Sonic Shock, Darren, Go Jayne X, Shanghai - in Singapore,
Air Hostess, Scratch, Coastal Command, Savage, Monster On The 13th Floor, Whirlpool Of Love

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