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The Void's SRC 2004 Photos

Alias Leo.JPG Chris goes gyro.JPG Enter the thumb-grind.JPG Freehand.JPG
Hard work, judging.JPG Into the staircase.JPG It's such a shame his orange shoelace didn't match his yellow strings.JPG Leo,Raphael, InvisibleLuke,Peter,Arron.JPG
Luke - FASTest.JPG Matt sneezes a yo-yo.JPG Nametagged and primed.JPG Playing to the crowd.JPG
Raph - FAST.JPG Some yo-yos have a nice sit down.JPG Sparko - FAST.JPG Stragglers.JPG
Straight from the city.JPG Wilfred,Raphael,Jacky,Simon,Ant, Peter,Guy,Paul,InvisibleLuke.JPG

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