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SJC 2008 - Thriving Lunatics Massed Blissfully

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DSCF1356 Get it off me! DSCF1357 Hold this for a minute, would you? DSCF1364 Flatland false perspective DSCF1366 Turner prize judge says
DSCF1371 What's this game called again? DSCF1372 Twenty five past seven DSCF1373 Shoes! DSCF1386 Four portions of orange for the day
DSCF1387 I like passing DSCF1389 Bemused? Amused? Bored? DSCF1395 Keepy uppy DSCF1402 Robot army awaits invasion orders
DSCF1404 'Ere, darlin', your camera's got two eyes! DSCF1405 The march on civilisation begins DSCF1408 Poor penniless student DSCF1414 The ninjas arrive to fight the robots
DSCF1415 Triumph savoured DSCF1418 And that's just the red ones DSCF1419 Get it off me! (Slight reprise) DSCF1420 Dube's new
DSCF1422 Buy a t-shirt or there'll be shooting from both sides! DSCF1425 Pancake allusion goes here

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