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SJC 2008 - Thriving Lunatics Massed Blissfully

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DSCF1106 Chuckle DSCF1107 Backatcha DSCF1109 For just $100, Jason will comment on your stance DSCF1110 Robocrutch
DSCF1111 Pondering DSCF1112 A magical doorway to a strange world DSCF1113 Not natural bedfellows DSCF1114 Consideration
DSCF1120 DSCF1121 Obviously not taking things seriously enough DSCF1123 Room full of roundabouts DSCF1124 Spotting the hand
DSCF1125 Please choose a better contrasting backdrop if I'm going to photographyou DSCF1132 Breakers on the ceiling DSCF1134 Fly catching DSCF1135 Twist again
DSCF1136 Vertax is rubbish, but I like the tie DSCF1138 What's that Skippy? There's an advancing applauding audience, and they want your laces? DSCF1141 Enjoying yourself onstage? You'll never get into circus school like that, matey! DSCF1142 Hurdler
DSCF1143 Greengrocer DSCF1144 Look! He's doing it again! DSCF1145 Twisty DSCF1147 Sheep herder

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