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Powerbook 17" 1.5GHz - Replacing UJ825 Superdrive for a UJ845, following's guide

IMGP1354 New panasonic uj845 waiting.JPG IMGP1355 battery removed.JPG IMGP1357 unscrewing RAM cover.JPG IMGP1358 Removing RAM cover - mind the rear latch.JPG
IMGP1359 RAM.JPG IMGP1360 RAM removal.JPG IMGP1361 RAM removal 2.JPG IMGP1364 Trackpad ribbon.JPG
IMGP1367 White plastic carefully pulled out 2mm.JPG IMGP1369 Ribbon removed.JPG IMGP1370 2 Torx screws need removing.JPG IMGP1371 Tiny screws in battery compartment.JPG
IMGP1373 5 screws along rear under edge.JPG IMGP1376 T8 Torx screwdriver required.JPG IMGP1378 Side screws -DVI side.JPG IMGP1379 Side screws - power side.JPG
IMGP1380 PBfixit's screw-tidy- great idea.JPG IMGP1381 Easing the top off.JPG IMGP1382 ..and the sides.JPG IMGP1383 ...and the front.JPG
IMGP1386 Underside.JPG IMGP1387 Naked! Even though I'm looking at it, I still don't understand how they fit it all in.JPG IMGP1388 PRAM cable sits right on top of superdrive.... careful!.JPG IMGP1390 Torx required again.JPG
IMGP1391 PRAM cable - leave it alone.....JPG IMGP1393 ...advice I should've taken myself!.JPG IMGP1394 Detach cable from drive, gently.JPG IMGP1395 Removing the brackets - really awkward!.JPG
IMGP1396 Second bracket.JPG

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