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Void's Manchester 2004 Pics

"Hula hoop is the new Poi" - The other Helen.JPG Billions of blurred burrage bags.JPG Boggle-Twister.JPG Correct convention behaviour.JPG
Fast and bulbous.JPG Feast.JPG Flipper.JPG Flying in the flat.JPG
Hall.JPG Hey, i recognise that arse!.JPG Invisible Ross.JPG Jo.JPG
Mamphy and BigPig.JPG Mind the gap.JPG Obligatory games shot.JPG One hand tied behind his back.JPG
Plus two invisible ones!.JPG Rik sprouts silver horns.JPG Scowly flier.JPG So, how do you do 2? said Barnesy.JPG
Spot the invisible club.JPG Star.JPG Steath hula, with ailerons.JPG Taking things easy.JPG
That tall bloke's taking the piss out of you!.JPG The camera's been drinking.JPG Third leg.JPG Through the round window.JPG
Uber-Hoopmeister.JPG UFO buzzes Tiff.JPG Void ignores Winston's arse.JPG Void's 5club pattern learns some tricks.JPG
Win's the king of the castle.JPG Wouldn't a hinge help?.JPG

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