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The Void's London JC7 Photos

About as close as we got to actual juggling in the show.JPG All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely hoopers.JPG Armless.JPG Bruce not black.JPG
Cast.JPG Damn fine outfits, Diane.JPG Elvis impression.JPG Five.JPG
Flexion.JPG Flip.JPG Fun for life, apparently.JPG Helicopter.JPG
I hope you got a better picture than me, Marylis.JPG I'm flying!.JPG Ilona.JPG Look Ma, I'm on top of the world!.JPG
Look, just go and look at Matt's site if you want a good pic of Ilona.JPG Sam's bar, 1940s.JPG Sean and Manu.JPG Silver Shimmer.JPG
So then Angie said "I'm in Hula-love!".JPG Sparkle.JPG Spin.gif Spirograph by foot.JPG
Standing room only.JPG Steady.JPG Swing.JPG Thanks for not dropping on me, Sean.JPG
Tower tossing.JPG Whoooosh.JPG

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