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Larmer Tree 2006 - Teen Larks, Melting Birds

DSC00046 The Monster IMGP2995 Overhead IMGP2996 Made you look IMGP2997 Morning exercises
IMGP2998 Juggling workshop IMGP3001 Dancing dames IMGP3002 Tragic skydiving accident IMGP3003 Stilt converts
IMGP3004 Another hard day at the office IMGP3006 Poi workshop IMGP3009 7-beat Holly IMGP3011 Stalkers
IMGP3012 Squats-R-Us IMGP3016 Handstands IMGP3017 Half handstand, half wheelbarrow IMGP3020 Alley
IMGP3022    Ooop! IMGP3025 Counterbalance IMGP3027 Flag IMGP3028 Propped
IMGP3029 Shoulders, knees and toes IMGP3030 Natalie says cheese IMGP3032 A more nervous flyer IMGP3033 More trampling underfoot
IMGP3035 And Lo! Shall we bare our chests IMGP3036 Pre-hoops IMGP3038 Post-hoops IMGP3041 Strawberry takes a bow
IMGP3042 Accupressure IMGP3043 Shiny IMGP3045 Audience IMGP3046 Before
IMGP3048 After IMGP3050 Writing desk

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