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Kendama Festa 2015 - The Lost Medal Brigade

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001_Power 002_Bag 003_Reppin 004_Outside tower Records, Yanking
005_Jamming 006_DVD watching 007_Nobu off mic and on click 008_Rod air
009_Crowd 010_Thumb 011_Brandon 012_Tension
013_Sticker 014_Minor adjustment 015_Iced 016_Hippy stick chucking
017_Group B 018_Appreciation 019_Mame 020_Hupp!
021_time 022_Nori_to_mo's a winner, Iwata-san's a photobomber 023_Su swings 024_Su Stabs
025_Dave dances 026_Alex awaits 027_Nelson time 028_Issei
029_Manami 030_Nose 031_DJ2_Kasa 032_Turquoise
033_MJ 034_Air 035_Focus 036_Mirai
037_Ooooh! 038_Presentation 039_Orbit swoosh 040_Erika
041_Clifftop 042_Iji puff 043_Red string 044_Bot
045_Judgement 046_Warm ups 047_Tight spaced 048_Morimako's in

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