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Japan 2012, including the World Kendama Championship

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D1-01 Arrived! D1-02 At Osaka Castle D1-03 D1-04
D1-05 Tourist ahoy! D1-06 View from the castle D1-07 D1-08 Handrail
D1-09 D1-10 D1-11 D1-12
D1-13 D1-14 Very pleased to be here D1-15 Us again D1-16 Terrapins
D1-17 Tippy D2-01 Display for school class D2-02 D2-03 The final of what I'm calling Candle Conkers
D2-04 Winner! D2-05 Hitomi and her map D3-01 Practice comp D3-02 The Japanese draw
D3-03 3rd in the Foreigners draw D3-04 Sakamoto-san goes loopy D3-05 D3-06 Auctioned to me
D3-07 The Foreigners draw D3-08 Taka's still got skills D4-01 Yano-san's book collection D4-02 WKC day
D4-03 There are many team shirts on show D4-04 Colin's made it! D4-05 Me and Maruishi-san D4-06 Me and Shimadera-san
D4-07 Black shirts and finger grips D4-08 Class practice D4-09 Like this, Roddo? D4-10 Yes, Maruishi, san, like that!
D4-11 The draw D4-12 With winning pathways being added D4-13 Hands up everyone who started this young  Thought so D4-14 Basti brought plumbing
D4-15 Junior section D4-16 Bad stitch panorama D4-17 Returned from snack break D4-18 Formation kendama

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