85% Solar Eclipse - Total Lunar Masking Brinked

SAM_1313 Look into SAM_1315 my eye SAM_1317 You are feeling reflecty SAM_1318 Far from ideal conditions
SAM_1320 Massive bins SAM_1324 The power of pizza SAM_1325 Projection screen SAM_1328 Experiment 1
SAM_1331 Shiny things SAM_1335 We have a sun eater SAM_1340 Experiment 2 fails SAM_1343 Don't Look at this
SAM_1350 What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her? SAM_1351 Rainbow round the edge SAM_1361 Receeding moon SAM_1363 Get your filthy limbs off our sun
SAM_1366 Zoom SAM_1369 Eye again SAM_1370 There she goes

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