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EJC/EKO 2012 - Toasty Lublin's Marvelous Brouhaha

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D1-01 All packed D1-02 Arrived, and found friends! D2-01 Raul gets BKA'd D2-02 Playing
D2-03 Bird to Scoop Spike? Oh! D2-04 Catch low D2-05 Opening show D3-01 Thorkild and Toshi
D3-02 Danish Kyu club D3-03 Exams in progress D3-04 Re-Kyu'd D3-05 Warming up
D3-06 Lars 1K, with Toshi D3-07 Alex examined D3-08 Kristin Clickin D3-09 Serious practice regimen
D3-10 Cannuckkyus D3-11 A year's training paid off_ D3-12 Alex is 3rd Dan D3-12 Kristin +1
D3-13 Thorkild 4th Dan D3-14 Mathias 4th Dan D4-01 Tiny kendama D4-02 Daniela prepares to Moshi
D4-03 Spot the kendama D4-04 1st Kyu Club D4-05 Tajima appoints Nicolas to 4th Dan D4-06 Congratulations
D4-07 Sam Bradley, 3rd Dan D4-08 Bottley-Kame? D4-09 Sam and Jeffrey D5-01 Alex ticks another Dan off his list
D5-02 Getting used to the lights D5-03 EKO 2012 scrawled results D5-04 Guess who D5-05 I've got something in my eye
D5-06 Swing it in? D5-07 Terra bargains D5-08 Surely beer will help? D5-09 Surprised Jamie
D6-01 Raul gets up to Pre-Dan D6-02 Jeffrey hits 3rd D6-03 Eelco happy with 1st Dan D6-04 Void can't believe his luck
D6-05 - but is very happy with 5th Dan D6-06 Wakayama D6-07 Clickers D6-08 Group Pic before exits

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