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Durham 2007 - Tripswitch Lights Meant Bleariness

IMGP4400 Jon and the hall IMGP4401 Dis-vigored IMGP4402 Dual cascade
IMGP4403 My eyes are redder than they are blue IMGP4406 The Guests are winning again IMGP4408 Spag bolt
IMGP4412 Snap IMGP4413 One in the eye IMGP4414 Something in the third eye
IMGP4417 Bowed IMGP4418 Adieu sagesse IMGP4420 Nah, I can't hear you - the reception on this thing is terrible
IMGP4421 Bar staff backlit by fairies IMGP4424 Oh why does no-one take me seriously? IMGP4425 Pass in
IMGP4430 Dalek IMGP4431 Hello little milkshake, prepare to die!

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