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Durham JC 9 - Taming Leprechauns Mid-Bound

IMGP2093 Ants marching IMGP2094 Prayer at the temple of the devil IMGP2095 Into the Zone IMGP2104 Duck-free area
IMGP2105 Where now is the fierce Mezentius and that wild savagery of soul? IMGP2108 A triumph of civilisation IMGP2109 Strange things are afoot at the circle K IMGP2110 Easter bunny
IMGP2114 Enough time for some serious pirouettes there IMGP2118 Gun totter IMGP2121 Jury of peers IMGP2122 Applephagous
IMGP2123 Drive 'em in, round 'em up, rawhide! IMGP2124 Hips swingin' out of bounds IMGP2128 Talk to the hand 'cos My Dog Popper aren't listening IMGP2131 Kunyakum Hoylech ('scuse my poor Hungarian)
IMGP2137 Modeling Pisa IMGP2138 Oh, I am on last? IMGP2139 Sorry to hear that love, hope you feel better soon IMGP2140 Show-stealing Elf
IMGP2144 Wide eyed langour IMGP2149 Jenga conkers

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