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Void's Durham 2004 Pics

Back in my day, we had to make our own entertainment, y'know... kids today, they don't know they're born!.JPG Bench sitting in judgment.JPG Buzzard impressions.JPG Calm down Howie!.JPG
Camera shy.JPG Can-can made easy?.JPG Careful with those clubs, you might hit that pretty butterfly.JPG Case for treatment.JPG
Diabolist in the bucket.JPG Diabolo workshop.JPG Flick it, kick it, wiggle it up!.JPG Go faster stripes, for seated showing-off.JPG
Hard luck Ewan.JPG Hatman disapproves of Robin's corner antics.JPG He's such a smooth criminal.JPG Hi, i'm Matt, and this is my friend Ball.JPG
Hunger strikes deep into the hearts of all of us.JPG I'll clean this up in photoshop sometime, so you can see all 14 rings clearly.JPG Ice ice cool.JPG Jason's best angle?.JPG
Jolly bad form, old bean, applauding oneself.JPG Les pretends he isn't hoping Jason steps back onto the snakeboard.JPG Lorri seems to find this funny, whereas i find it disturbing.JPG Monster kendama.JPG
Monster pattern.JPG Mysterious hand offers coffee.JPG No brakes, no brakes!!.JPG Oi, Rodin, sculpt quicker, i can't keep this hat spinning forever, y'know.JPG
Pointy fingers.JPG Random skill endurance.JPG Reading material.JPG See the speed of the foot.JPG
Shy boy.JPG Spiral scratch.JPG Startled Mongoose, and Chakra encircling, or something.JPG Take that diabolo out of this workshop this minute!!.JPG
That'll be art, that will.JPG The new Babache super-wide axled diabolos.JPG There's no lyrics.JPG These prop stands took a lot of time and effort, so i'm bloody well going to pose in the middle of them, okay?.JPG
This man has no clue what to do with a hula hoop.JPG Three arms? That's why he's so slick!.JPG Tragic accident with steering wheel.JPG We'll pretend we can't see the one on the floor.JPG
WHAPPP!!.JPG What wig?.JPG Where's that fiver you owe me?.JPG Who put these things in my hands?.JPG
Wristbands are back in, i hear.JPG

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