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Crawley 2007- They Learned My Ballet

IMGP4112 Knee flex IMGP4113 Take me, Lord! IMGP4117 Bad staff teaching IMGP4119 Zero-impact faces
IMGP4120 Tight lipped IMGP4122 Joust crowd IMGP4124 Jousting - honour preserved IMGP4125 Grumpy face ensures pic stays out of trashcan
IMGP4126 Andy 3 clubs, Kim 5 clubs and giant purple scarf IMGP4131 7 balls IMGP4132 Swooshy IMGP4138 Hup
IMGP4140 Seeing stars IMGP4142 The Marx Brothers' Mirror Sketch IMGP4143 I'm still laughing at the Chinese Pole gag IMGP4145 Tiger feet
IMGP4150 I liked it better like this IMGP4151 Bow IMGP4153 His first real six string IMGP4157 Give me your shoes
IMGP4158 Amusing caption escapes under the door IMGP4163 Ockham's Razor IMGP4166 Nathaniel IMGP4168 High Execution
IMGP4170 Cygnus IMGP4174 Not drowning IMGP4175 Yay for purple IMGP4178 Shoddy timekeeping by youngsters

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