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Crawley 2006 - Tourette Loudmouth Misty Bandits

IMGP3089 I hate juggling IMGP3093 Be as one with the clubs IMGP3098 Coralled IMGP3099 Wicked witch of the west, no east, christ, I sound like a ****ing psycho
IMGP3101 One race, today, one chant   IMGP3104 Madame Blavatsky lives IMGP3105 Performing Bear IMGP3107 Psychokinetic cap stylings
IMGP3108 Gourmets a go go IMGP3109 fak('s camera) IMGP3111 fak('s box) IMGP3112 Henni oh so camera shy
IMGP3113 Roger pulls IMGP3114 Lobbying for a passing zone IMGP3117 See a nation needing 'Civilization' like a hole in the head IMGP3118 A game
IMGP3120 A stitch off time saves 16-9

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