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Bristol 2010 - Thirteen Low Magazine Bonus

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DSCF7395 Squint or wink? DSCF7397 Our crumpled leader DSCF7400 Crew DSCF7402 Dee and Tea
DSCF7404 The family that slopes together DSCF7405 Natter and needle clatter DSCF7406 Slap head DSCF7407 Danny
DSCF7411 A valiant attempt DSCF7416 Blokus fokus DSCF7423 Matt teaches Keegan the levitation DSCF7424 Nearly a juggler
DSCF7425 Vertical hold DSCF7427 The slope is better at some points than others DSCF7428 Incoming DSCF7429 Tess divided by Matt
DSCF7432 Left angle lens? DSCF7433 It's such an elegant trick DSCF7436 I like how he got the balls at the right angle DSCF7438 What's this got to do with tent golf?

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