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Bristol 2007 - To Leave Means Blues

Andy The Hammer, they call him Ballscape Cake testing Comfy
Dignity, always dignity! Don't open the box Dopplegangers Even strangulation can't stop him
Finesse Gurkle Hoppers How is she doing that with her head?
Hup Intent passing Invisible bucket It's all in the timing
Just like old times Knot for DCA closeup Knot for DCA Knot workshop
Kubbism Laid back Lemon holds melon Let's teach the presenter how to juggle! Brilliant!
Maisie's dragon Maisie's feet Meercat of the trees Mine!
Moles, or was it butterflies? Name that tune Om nama ha Shiiva, or something Precarious net
Quick, everyone whistle innocently Shiney clouds Show 1 Show 2
Sofa pals Sucker Susannah tastes of soap Tall trees
That Friday feeling That's scary, Claire- The atomic accordian The usual
This is how you do a zip *up* Thunk Umpire found wanting Wang it!
Welly wear Welly what? Wise Paul's vision of Bristol You didn't die in the fire

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